Monday, 12 November 2018 12:24

Your leather on guaranteed prompt delivery! Featured

Pronto Pelli, your leather on guaranteed prompt delivery!!!

We always try to offer services that can help our Customers in their business development. 

The long experience and knowledge in the tanning field allow us to give the Co. Pronto Pelli production flexibility and goods high quality all intended as craftsmanship, guaranteeing authenticity and uniqueness of the product.

Experience and knowledge in the tanning field allow to give the Co. Pronto Pelli Srlu production flexibility and high quality intended as craftsmanship, guaranteeing authenticity and uniqueness of the product. 

We are sure about the fact that handing down our skills through our products is the key to succeed and that's the reason why we consider essential offering the right support to our Customers during the materials design phase!  

Check out all our items immediately available in stock and contact us to learn more.

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