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Waiting for the 2019 Pronto Pelli Cal Featured

Waiting for the 2019 Pronto Pelli Cal

Ranging over the beauty of the material, communicating our passion for leather fashion are the guidelines of our work: "Our Calendar is  evidence of a continuous search for innovation by the tanning Company,  thus embracing the world of fashion. The aim is to make our attention to design and aesthetics visible through photographic art ". Raffaele Ravallese

Every year we have taken advantage of professional partnership, Staff dedicated to the visual arts in its entirety, that have realized for our Company shootings always more up to date with the aim of making concrete our ideas, always evolving, in terms of leather.

We focused the spotlight on the subject and its versatility, strictly Made in Italy, thanks to the collaboration of Almanava Eventi and its models, Isaia Penna photographer and others.

We are pleased to mention: Federica Bavaro, a successful journalist at Sky TV,  whom in 2013 showed us her rock soul; Ilaria Iannaccone, actress and model, whom in 2015 interpreted a poetic and dreamed style. In 2016 Fiorenza D'Antonio, second runner up in Miss Italia 2018 competition, left us her romantic touch and in 2018 Benedetta Pascali interpreted the beauty of the leather material using a colorful touch. Next up, Desideria Russo, Chiara Corrado, Giovanna Grieco, Mariana Pannuto, Sara Bilotta and Mariachiara Russo, models thanks to which the pages of our Calendars  constantly kept  a touch of panache and originality, catching the eye of those who use leather to give life to new creations.

In six years we tried our best to communicate  the features of  a world-beating products with a fresh and young style, remaining always in line with the typical charm of high fashion.

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