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Italian excellence in processing skins Featured

Italian Excellence in the leather processing 
Pronto Pelli between history linked to the territory and innovation looking  towards the future

How did the tanning activity of Pronto Pelli begin and how does the Company stand out?
 In the 1950s, the long tanning experience of Pronto Pelli began with Ravallese Salvatore Senior. It was carried out with commitment by the current Manager, Raffaele Ravallese, which allowed the same to stand out on the Italian and foreign market thanks to the flexibility in production and quality understood as craftsmanship.

What is the meaning of ‘innovation of the tradition’ when we talk about tanning process?

 For the Company, the art of tanning becomes an innovation of tradition, whose complete cycle is treated in every details, from the procurement of selected raw materials, to the wide and specialized production of products always with maximum respect for the environment.

Therefore, can we talk about craftsmanship with respect for the environment?

The Company's idea is to renew the concept of a tannery, intended as an industry specialized in leather for the fashion sector and in terms of stylistic content, always respecting the environment. Furthermore, we have been granted the use of the eco-compatibility trademark "Distretto di Solofra" by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Avellino and an Environmental Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 14001/2004 standard. The adoption of these eco-compatible production methods favors a better management of the environmental impacts deriving from the tanning activities.

What is the goal of Pronto Pelli Co.?

  Currently, its goal is starting a business with the foreign markets to help maintain the Company prestige acquired over time.

                                                     What do you expect for the future?                                                       

 We hope to gain always more customer loyalty increasing also our Client Portfolio.

“We do not try only to produce, We want to innovate the concept of tannery through the technology and the commitment to a work of quality by seeking the beauty in everything we do. We dress your ideas with our skin.”

Special Mention 100 Excellencies Italian 2018
Italian Registry Excellencies 2019


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